We Buy & Sell Quality Carbon Blacks

We offer high quality carbon blacks at the best bulk prices.

Buy Carbon Black is an established trading group that expressly deals in the buying, selling and trading of high quality carbon blacks. We devote all our resources solely to connecting our customers with the highest quality materials at the best prices on the market today. Our high quality carbon blacks are being used by the top product manufactures, blenders and master batchers in North America, Europe, and Asia satisfying customers around the world for over 30 years.

Our carbon black grades have an excellent record for consistent product quality and performance. Our standard ASTM product lines include the following carbon black grades: N110, N115, N121, N220, N234, N326, N330, N339, N347, N351, N375, N539, N550, N650, N660, N683, N762, N765, N772, N774, ACB2000, ACB5000.

We also buy slower moving stocks, industrial overruns and surplus materials from our carbon black manufacturers and distributors throughout North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East for export around the globe. We buy all types and grades of carbon black directly from manufacturers and distributors worldwide.

Customer Service, Quality & Sustainability

We are dedicated to continually improving the effectiveness of our quality management system to ensure customer satisfaction, product performance, and maintaining our competitive position in the market place and we feel our greener approach is making a significant difference. We work only with the best carbon black producers and manufacturers who use the most sustainable methods of production. Quality carbon black production requires a great deal of resources and traditional method have a huge impact on our environment and because of this we have chosen to work with only those companies that consider there supply chain and its environmental performance as a critical part of their business.

If you have quality carbon blacks and need assistance finding customers and need high grade ASTM carbon black, please give us a call or drop us an email.